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with the REFiLL glass tube holders



To be able to exchange a flower means to be able to renew a design, to change the atmosphere, the color concept.

CHANGE means LIFE. Liveliness.

To pass this moment to the customers.

To enable a customer to easily exchange a flower, we need a tool: a glass tube.

A glass tube which can be taken in and out. Which can be washed and refilled with fresh water, then get put back into the design.

Glass tubes fixed to floral constructions do not allow this.

And that is where the HOLDERS come in.



I love constructions. The lightness, the naturality, the modern freedom.

But I am fighting with the glass tubes since a long time. So hard to fix them. Or better said, no, it is not hard to fix them, proper techniques are there for, the real problem occurs AFTER fixing them. The next day: how to change the water?? How to clean the glass tubes? Taking them off the construction means to destroy all the hard work, and to refix them is too much of a hassle. And if even we professionals can't do this, how ever should a customer be able to do this?

With the REFiLL HOLDERS, the problem is solved! Fix the holder properly, add the glass tube and then enjoy the EXCHANGEABILITY!!!

It is a pure pleasure to take out the glasses, wash them, set them back and then add new flowers into your construction.

No need to take the whole construction somewhere to wash it all, to turn the whole construction to get the water out, you know what I mean.

And, as with all new solutions, the possibilities of usage raise from there:

there are so many ways to use the holders, that I think I will need special subpages for each of them.

Wait and keep updated.

Metal Holder

see the metal holders?

Metal Holder

next day's flowers

Metal Holder

wrapped in cloth

Wooden Holder

fixed with ribbon

Wooden Holder

fixed with paper wire

Wooden Holder

hanging with a ribbon



Adding fresh flowers into a dry composition:

To be able to use a dry composition as a base for fresh flowers opens them to be useful, re-useful, allows the customer to redesign them, to play with them.

With the holders, dry arrangements come to LIFE.

Everyday a new look!

No water touches the dry materials, while the fresh flower is safe and secure and has access to daily fresh water.

All 3 designs base on one same bouquet.

The Metal Holder is simply tied into the bouquet and stays there forever.

Adding  CHANGE into the dry material world.

"Tetsu" means "metal" in Japanese.

There are many more ways to use the TETSU METAL HOLDERS.

Keep updated here.

Zinnia in a metal holder for


exchange for a Paphiopedilum


add a rose

next week

metal holder wrapped with Raphia

this is the trick

Metal holder

exchangeable glass tube

Metal holders explanation

see the details



Adding fresh flowers into a construction:

It is a pleasure to add the Wooden Holders into constructions.

If these are elaborated and detailed or just simple twigs, doesn't matter.

The Wooden Holders will add a design element.

They cannot be hidden as easily as the Metal Holders.

I mean, they can, but they are far too precious for that!

Out of beautiful waxed beech wood, these design elements will keep for a long time. Fully re-useable on the customers' side, they build a precious part of a floral design.

Of course they do fit into dry flower arrangements, bouquets or objets, no problem!

"BUNA" means "beech wood" in Japanese.

Wait for my next ideas.

The 2 holders

Together with 2 formidable makers here in Japan, I developed 2 types of holders:

The WOODEN Holders and the METAL Holders.

Both function in the same way: they can be fixed onto a construction or added into a dry composition.
It will be very exciting to see more possibilities to grow from here.

I am working on design courses to show you the many ways to use the holders.

The BUNA Wooden Holders

The wooden holders have a lovely atmosphere. Fully out of beech wood, they couldn't be more ecological. Treated with natural oil, they smell wonderful and can function as a container themselves. No need to cover them up. They come as a set with 1 glass tube.

Special points:

*The 2 engraved lines!

No wire slipping off + finally the chance to simply tie them with ribbons or threads or Raphia. 

*The 2 holes!
An added safety point + an easy way to add hangers.

Wooden holders twisted
Wooden holders explanation

The TETSU Metal Holders

The metal holders are for designing. They feel cooler and modern, again, fully ecologic, as iron will rust and turn into compost material when exposed to weather.

Metal holders come without glass tubes.

Special points:

*The 2 legs!
Easy to stick into clay or dirt or, if absolutely necessary, floral foams. Fix them onto twigs whereever you need your glass tube or add them into dry bouquets.

*The 2 rings!
Glass tubes cannot slip out, decorative materials can be fixed to the rings. Instead of glass tubes, candles do fit in also!

Metal holders explanation

Metal holder


Metal holder covered

Metal holders


Metal holder covered with Raphia


Metal holder


REFiLL HOLDERS are also available at GREENGABES .

Retailers and whole sales will also find their prices there.
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