The FLORAL COLORS developed out of my 2 books, one written in 2001, the next in 2011, every 10 years it seems, I am writing about the theme close to my heart.

Now it's time in 2020, again 10 years later. But not a book. A course system got developed this time and digital magazines are on their way.

As always in life, everything is connected to relationships. My access to colors was very much formed by my first teacher Anna Lindner. First book was a request by Rikuyosha Publishing, second book was initiated by Gregor Lersch and the Gregor Lersch edition chief, Mr. Juergen Potthoff. The 3rd round now, the courses, were initiated in Taiwan! My first lessons for NIFA there focussed a lot on colors and the value was recognized by Leo Chung and Chimin Tsao, who asked me to develop a course system. And if you know me, you know that I do.

So, my gratitude goes to everybody who believed into me.

Floral Colors Chapter A



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