Forest Path


I am convinced, that being in nature will change our designs.

One of my favorite places in Japan is the Lake Nojiri. I spend my summers there, when its too hot in Kanagawa at the ocean side. Situated in Nagano, the region has a climate similar to my native South Germany. The forests are a bliss to walk in, the lake so wonderful to swim in.
This year, I want to give a lesson there! Let's see how nature will influence our designs!


The AFAN Horse Lodge

We will stay at the AFAN Horse Lodge. Experiencing connection with 2 horses and staying at the same ground as them in tents, this will ground us. 


We have 3 tents, each sleeps 3 people. The tents are coming from England, sturdy and bright.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided by the Horse Lodge, we do not have to move, having campfires or enjoying the wood stove in the octogon building.

Flower lesson will take place outside or inside, depends on the weather, I hope we can be outside!!

The AFAN Horse lodge is connected to the AFAN Mori Project, founded by Irish C.W. Nichols.
There are two horses of Japanese breed at the Afan Horse Lodge, Yukimaru and Chachamaru, partners in redefining the role of working horses in our modern society and providing experiences that only nature and animals can offer. 





15:00: Check in at the Horse Lodge, Orientation

16:00: Introduction to the horses and how to care for them

18:00: Bath time

19:00: Welcome dinner




8:00: Breakfast at the Horse Lodge

9:00: Go to the Afan Forest for a guided tour

12:00: Macrobiotic vegan lunch at Horse Lodge 


18:00: Bath time

19:00: Dinner and outdoor fire



8:00: Breakfast at the Horse Lodge

9:00: Recreational Horseback riding program 

10:00: Free time ( enjoy moments in nature )

11:00: Check-out


Photo: courtesy of Weihenstephan

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We will receive a guided tour through the AFAN forest.

The event price includes a 1 year membership at the AFAN Woodland Trust.

C.W.Nicols life mission was to revitalize forests and bring back biodiversity for future generations.

The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust is continuing his work and has spent the last 30 years revitalizing the forests of Kurohime Mountain in Nagano, caring now for over 30 hectares of woodlands. 


Prices & Activities

*Horse lodge horse stay program (including horse care, meals, lodging, recreational horse riding)
*Afan's Forest Walk ( opportunity to learn about Afan's activities, forests and biodiversity)
*Collecting branches and vines used for the floral workshop around the Horse Lodge 
* FOREST FLOWERS: bouquet workshop at the Horse Lodge

Price ¥ 93.000 + tax

2 nights 3 days. Accommodation, all meals, horse program. Afan's forest walk / membership fee. 

Materials and flowers, workshop fee included.


Join me in the forest!

Please send your participation request per mail, fax or letter, using the pdf .

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