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I am convinced, that being in nature will change our designs.

One of my favorite places in Japan is the Lake Nojiri. I spend my summers there, when its too hot in Kanagawa at the ocean side. Situated in Nagano, the region has a climate similar to my native South Germany. The forests are a bliss to walk in, the lake so wonderful to swim in.
I am holding lessons there. Let's see how nature will influence our designs!


The bouquets

Bouquets with branches are not easy to tie, they need to be secured and fixed with special techniques, but they are very fulfilling.
It's my pleasure to teach them to you.


We collect twigs in the forests, then create a  bouquet in our hands.

Our bouquets are made out of twigs and flowers, which I provide. These natural materials do activate our senses in a specialway. They  please our eyes and decorate our rooms, they train our imagination and they give us new skills.

名称未設定-2-31 Kopie.jpg

The FOREST FLOWERS concept can take part in your region also!

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.




The location

The Nojiri Lake is situated in the north of Nagano. From Tokyo, the train takes 2 hours to Nagano City, from there a local train goes to Kurohime in 30 minutes.

To come by car is recommended, but each spot is reachable by taxi also.

map nojiri.jpg

If you have questions, please contact me:

See you in the forest!

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