a project in Sweden

"the plants are growing through the table", "earth" "earth" "earth" "earth"


One winter night, on the URNATUR website, there it was: ARTIST in NATURE. Most fascinating words. Reading more, it took me less than a second to write to Ulrika. To apply for her program. To be the Urnatur Artist in Nature.

Long hold images started to grow into shapes, ideas turning into plans, the creative process kicked in.
A good and fruitful exchange with Ulrika followed, slowly, naturally.


There were many drawings going forward and backwards between us, but this one is describing the project the best: a low table, connecting to the ground in its middle part, flowers to be seen on an upraised level.


Flying out 4th of July, Tokyo-Bangkok-Stockholm.
Arriving: my God, that air!! The Swedish summer air! A relief, a refresh, so wonderful clear and crisp!
Riding the bus to Ödeshög: oh, those Swedish busses! Of course Volvo! Calmness pure.
Arriving at URNATUR: the most cute house for these 3 weeks awaiting us, Ulrika, Håkan, relaxed as always, happy hours. The summer nights are never getting dark, still bright outside at 23:00, amazing colors on the lake.

Lake Visjön

Lake Visjön

Every evening, the lake changes its colors.

The Raven

The Raven

Our guardian, sitting in our window, watching over us, greeting us, when we come back. No, it's not a real one. It's magic.

The Carrier

The Carrier

Most important companion through the project. This so much retro bike carried us, carried twigs, tool, planks, dirt, tea, flowers, and gave us the BEST rides downhill EVER in the evenings.

Raven Nest

Raven Nest

One of the tree houses. They make you feel like walking through a fairy tale, admiration growing in your chest.

I am sure, you want to visit URNATUR right now. There you go:


Deciding the place: at Urnatur, there are many many amazing places and it took a day to decide, where the project wants to be. The interaction between a place and the project has to be felt by the person, who will realize the project, a wonderful and sensitive step to be done. The decision fell on a space which was guarded by high pine trees, naturally opening into an ellipse, a place where the visual focus was lead downwards. I personally let myself be guided by the natural movement of my eyes. As it was about a low table project, any place where my eyes were attracted into the height or towards other points, wasn't meant to be. 

This is the place
we decided for and so, this is Ulrika, the forest Ikebanista!
where to find it:
turn right at the Hat cabin, pass over the moss, carefully, duck under the pine trees and there you are!
At noon
the place is  bathed in sunlight. Here will be the center of the table.
Cling clong clink clong
whole Sweden is built on rocks with a bit of moss upon, it seems.
My tools grew
Like in Gulliver's travels, my tools grow more than double their usual size!
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